Meet Your Coach


Dee Reid

Career and Life Coach

Dee is an experienced and qualified Coach with over 10 years experience of working as an international recruiter.

Starting her career as a Human Resources Advisor in the Military before moving into the Oil industry as Recruitment Professional where she developed her skills supporting  people in their careers whilst working for global multi-national companies that in turn allowed her to live in Singapore, Greece, Qatar and Denmark whilst travelling regularly to Norway and Korea.

Throughout her life, Dee has dealt with numerous difficult hurdles but developed techniques to navigate through them. Techniques that she now shares with her clients.

Over time, she noticed that people naturally came to her for help and advice on their career and wanted to develop this further and support more people. In her spare time, she undertook training as a Coach and launched her Coaching Business.

Dee understands that Life and Career go hand in hand and offers Coaching on both elements.  

Together with her experience and qualifications, Dee offers her unique style of coaching to clients around the world.


On the personal side....

I love...

  • Singing along to 90's pop music & Rock Power Ballads 
  • Beautiful shoes
  • Handwritten letters and thank you notes - who says snail mail is dead!?
  • Coffee. 'nuff said.
  • Smutty novels like Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Travelling to new places
  • The Kardashians #sorrynotsorry
  • Champagne & Chocolate Martinis
  • Pamper days at the Spa

I don't love...

  • Hangovers. Who does? I'm jealous of those rare breeds that never have them. Who ARE you??
  • Mean people. It takes less energy to be happy and supportive!
  • Olives. Sorry, but you do not develop a taste for them as you get older
  • Excuses. Just stop making them. 
  • MTV's Teen Mom - why??
  • Mansplaining. Just stop it already, guys!
  • Inconsistent dress sizing in shops. Surely an inch is an inch no matter where you go!?